McDonald Custom Builders Inc.


The right contractor offers substantial construction experience, integrity, and a commitment to your project supported by a foundation of quality and workplace safety. The right contractor also has a consistent track record of coming through for first-time and repeat clients, no matter the project size or complexity.

You can trust the MCB family to be that contractor. We endeavor to construct buildings of quality and have made it a goal to construct them efficiently. Honesty and ethical behavior with our clients, contractors and suppliers is a priority. Satisfying client goals is our focus.

Phases of Construction – Where Does MCB Fit In

Typically a client retains an architect or engineer to design the project and to prepare the necessary drawings and specifications. After the architect/engineer completes the drawings and issues them for pricing, the client will then select the general contractor through a sole source or a competitive bid process.

Once awarded a project, MCB works collaboratively to bring all project team members together as a cohesive unit (ie architect, engineer, surveyor and designer) in preparation for the first phase of construction. This helps foster a more successful and productive partnership. We continue to work alongside the architects, engineers, surveyor and design team as well as the sub-trades and suppliers throughout construction. Early collaboration in the construction management process promotes effective project coordination and communication from the start, creating an environment for success.

What We Build

MCB has built for several major Architectural companies based in, but not limited to: Toronto, Huntsville and Oakville whose styles of buildings range from extremely modern to ‘rustic’ cottage.  We have a comprehensive and diverse skill set and we are confident in our ability to execute any design – this makes our job that much more fun!

Construction Execution

Our construction management expertise in the areas of construction costs, schedule, and market trends help ensure the project is executed within both client timelines and budget guidelines. We are focused on workmanship and quality service, and take pride in our approach to careful planning and critical execution. We provide advice on all project costs, minimizing the risk associated with having an incomplete scope of work during preconstruction, and more often than not, throughout construction. The final cost however, remains with the client as we ensure the budget is client driven.

Some of our General Contracting services include:

  • Bidding jobs on traditional fixed price tender basis
  • Awarding subcontracts
  • Creating and monitoring schedules: we ensure control of Project Costs and Schedule by continuous monitoring of available project information and recommending adjustments to maintain initial targets
  • Scheduling inspections with City officials
  • Coordination with other Consultants
  • Document interpretation
  • Reports and project site documents
  • Project Administration to ensure an expedited workflow accomplished through clarity of responsibilities and accountability
  • Safety Management
  • Quality Control

Some of our Project Management services include:

  • Hiring and liaising with consultants
  • Developing budgets and schedules
  • Conduct Value Engineering practices and procedures which has significant impact on building constructability and cost
  • Liaising with members of the Township Building and Planning Departments
  • Expediting Building Permit processes
  • Quote collection and awarding contracts
  • Monitoring daily construction activities
  • Project Control
  • Shop drawings and samples

Some of our Site Management services include:

  • Conducting site feasibility studies and providing solutions to meet project design and client needs
  • Implement findings into schedules

Our Team and Sub-Trades

Our crew is capable of all aspects of carpentry (ranging from rough carpentry to detailed interior finishes).  Often times, the most valuable use of our labour force is to facilitate the sub-trades making the best use of their time and moving the project along quickly.

We don’t work exclusively with any one trade nor do we employ directly any trades. We tend to keep relationships with several businesses per trade as requirements tend to vary greatly from job to job and are dependent upon not only the size of the job, but also the complexity of the work involved and price point.

We generally outsource demolition, blasting and excavation, foundation, roofing, insulation, masonry, mechanical systems, painting, tile/floor installation and millwork.

Post Construction

MCB places a heavy focus well into the weeks and months following construction to ensure all aspects of the project have been completed as agreed and that our client’s expectations have been met, if not exceeded. MCB considers Post Construction services of equal importance as the build itself. Customers are the assets of every business.

Some of our Post Construction services include any of the following:

  • Obtaining Certificates of Occupancy
  • Providing As-Built and Shop Drawings
  • Commissioning of Equipment and Building Operation
  • Assistance with Move In
  • Providing Equipment Brochures, Warranties, Operations/Maintenance Manuals, List of Sub-Contractors
  • Providing Contacts for Recommended Local Service Providers (ie Property Managers, Cleaners, Caterers!)
  • On Site Training of Equipment
  • Service for Non Warranty Issues