McDonald Custom Builders Inc.

Company Overview

Mission Statement

Integrity is at the heart of everything we do at McDonald Custom Builders Inc. It drives all our relationships—with our clients, our employees, our vendors and subcontractors. We have developed a reputation for maintaining a superior level of service and workmanship without sacrificing schedule or cost. Our staff, made up of skilled craftsmen and artisans from Muskoka, works diligently to balance the triple constraints of budget, schedule, and resources while providing a product of the highest quality and one we are proud to call our own.

Employers First

MCB is acutely aware of the potential dangers that exist in the construction environment.

As a company very concerned with the health and safety of its employees and clients, MCB has acquired the services of “Employers First” to ensure we not only meet all legislative compliance in Employment Labour, Health and Safety Law but to make certain we take every step possible to minimize the risks typically associated with construction.

We take all measures to reduce and/or eliminate the working conditions that may lead to serious injury, giving us the peace of mind so we can focus on our core objectives – our clients.

McDonald Custom Builders Inc. is Tarion Certified.